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About the Woofs & Whiskers

Through years as a vet tech in the area, I have discovered a need for more in home support available with an educated background in pet care. 

It breaks my heart to hear stories of family pets needing new homes due to the inability to care for them. This is particularly true of pets in families with senior or disabled individuals. In many cases, these pets are their soul companion, but due to decreased mobility or declining health, tasks such as changing litter, walking the dog or even standing at the counter to prepare a meal, can be too challenging. If you add the additional complication of an animal requiring medication or treatments, this can often become overwhelming. With no other options, a decision to re-home the pet may be the only option. 

With my veterinary technician background, I can provide assistance with this daily care as well as assistance recognizing warning signs that require further veterinary support. 

For my pet sitting clients, I offer the piece of mind that their fur babies will be pampered as much as my own. If a condition arises while they are away, I will make sure to seek the appropriate medical support while ensuring that they are contacted so an informed decision can be made on their pets' care.

My dog walks are individually based on the dog's physical abilities and energy requirements to ensure the experience is a safe and enjoyable experience. I plan on spending the full hour with them. If they choose to walk or play or do whatever they want I let the dog dictate what they want to do it's basically their time. There are some dogs especially the smaller ones that really don't need a full hour walk, and then there are some of the larger dogs that want a lot more exercise and running and playing.  For these reasons, the walk is subjective to whatever the dog's activity level and mood is that day.

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