Pet care Services

Woofs & Whiskers‚Äč

For those who may have mobility difficulty getting to the litter box or if your schedule is too busy to get home to feed in time, I will feed as per your directions and make sure litters are clean.

Daily Care

Basic Grooming

There are very few breeds that don't shed. While I am not a groomer, daily brushing can help prevent and remove matted fur in shedding season and help to keep the house cleaner.

Dog Walking

Pet Sitting



I can offer assistance with daily medicating as directed by your veterinarian. As a vet technician this can include oral, topical and injectable medications. I can also assist with weight loss management and post operative and palliative care under your veterinarian's direction.

During allergy season, many dogs require weekly or bi-weekly bathing as directed by their veterinarian to reduce skin inflammation. I am not a groomer, but I can bath your dog as directed by your vet.


Every dog needs to get out and stretch their legs or run off some stream.  Walking services are customized to the ability and energy level of the dog so the experience is safe and enjoyable. 

Medicated Bathing

Nail Trimming

We are all more comfortable in our own homes and our fur babies are no different. I will come to them to make sure that they are walked, fed, litter cleaned and thoroughly snuggled while you're away.

Nail trimming can become part of your in home routine. A proper pedicure can make daily mobility more comfortable and decrease the risk of injury.